Headbox series
Dewater element series
Top net forming device
Water Nozzle
Steel Grid Section
Ceramic Panel
Air purification series
ADD:Yancheng City Huabang international Xi Xia nine layers of A area
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  Jiangsu Xinnuo Rail Technology Co. Ltd. (Salt City Jiacheng Machinery Co., Ltd.) is located in Yandu new district open city - Yancheng City Economic Development Zone, West Ningjingyan high-speed and high-speed salt Xu, into the side of 204 National Road, west of the provincial tourist area -- a large vertical Lake, is extremely advantageous geographical location, transportation, communication is very developed all this makes people, CIGNA has convenient conditions be richly endowed by nature play to their talents, Bo Zhi economic wave .....<<MORE>>
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 The world' [2013/11/20]
 The workin [2013/11/20]
 JCW type s [2013/11/20]
 The compan [2013/11/20]
 Special CI [2013/11/20]
 The air cu [2013/11/20]
 Classifica [2013/11/20]
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Address: Yancheng City Huabang international Xi Xia nine layers of A area
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